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  • Soleus SF001-020 Tempo Watch For Unisex
    This watch is very good low cost fitness monitor watch. With built in sensors that it has (one of them is a pedometer kind of thing ) it gives quite accurate data on distance covered, number of steps achieved and tracks even calories spent. Some of the pros and cons I would list as below Pros: 1. Very good data for a runner or fitness freak person at a reasonable cost. 2. The sensor data was quite accurate when matched and compared with a regular fitness treadmill. So the watch can be used standalone by a runner for monitoring the data, I would say . .3. The daily data review concept is good . It also allows to store previous exercise logs. Cons : 1. The set switch and light function is combined . So each time you want to set some target for some walk or run sessions it lights up the watch. This would be unnecessary draining of the battery . Light switch could have been a dedicated one. 2. I am bit skeptical about the strap withstanding the sweat because it would have frequent exposure to the same during the running or jogging activities . Overall its a good watch with good features as a fitness monitor . It meets it objective and if you want to keep track of your fitness logs and get some statistics this is good one go for it. Thanks to Flipkart for delivering it within estimated time this good product .