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  • Samsung SM-V7000ZKA Watch For Unisex
    The 1st real (smartPhone) watch :D! Guys its worthd to pay 22k for such a feature packed! Its compatible with only latest samsung devices! When people pay 14k for nothin (Sony smart watch 2) Pro: 1)Awesome 1.6
  • Samsung SM-V7000ZKA Watch For Unisex
    Bought and Used This Product a Week ago. Worst Purchase Of my life Till Date.Found Nothing extraordinary in it. Poor Battery Life.Unconfirable to wear.Few Apps available.No notificatons display. Although Good Touch and Camera. Just a Gimmick by Samsung to show that we can also invent new features +Hardwares like Apple. Configuration is poor.Niether internal storage nor RAM. In a Nut Shell Waste of Money Buying this Shit. Those who wants to buyit, i will give you in half price