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  • Petrol PWC003 Watch For Women
    The watch has a very appealing look. The dials are great to notify time efficiently. However one major drawback i saw in it, was its strap quality. Its falling apart. Very poor strap quality.
  • Petrol PSPRT12 Watch For Men
    Is there any manual for this product.......I receive the product but the analogue watch is not there any setting for the same.....plz help.........
  • Petrol PSPRT18 Watch For Men
    The watch is good for 800 bucks! but upset with the lighting system, it reduces the look for watch...except that everything is good :)
  • Petrol P5MBR07 Decker Watch For Men
    This is the worst product to be sold here exposed stiches bad quality even misaligned holes !!! commandable service though the watch was picked within 3 hours of delivers in a non metro city !!!! kudos