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  • Guess W16563L1 Mini Prism Watch For Women
    I was disappointed when i saw the watch ! looks different than the pic here ! though my girl friend liked it !
  • Guess W16563L1 Mini Prism Watch For Women
    That's a quwkc-iitted answer to a difficult question
  • Guess W0040G3 Rigor Watch For Men
    Mia,The corporate porapganda at the end that you listed1) a smart meter is a meter, is true2) this microwave enabling device is false, the utilities could never get away with saying something like that. Lets face it, you made that one up.And your belief that all SmartMeters do is estimate usage, that is completely wrong. I don't understand how you could ever have come up with that.The truth is, SmartMeters are for measuring total cumulative usage of a meter, reported once every four hours for electric meters.The gas and water radio meters only need to report cumulative usage to the utility once a month. There are no TVP pricing schemes for gas or water, both are billed at a flat rate for the month.Don't get me wrong, I hate SmartMeters, the worst thing about them is the TVP pricing for electric meters that now is voluntary, but could possibly be tested (forced) upon us in the near future.
  • Guess W15072L3 Mini Prism Watch For Women
    That's an astute answer to a tricky quetoisn