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  • EYKI B0202 Watch For Men
    Very true! Makes a change to see soenmoe spell it out like that. :)
  • EYKI Diamond283 Fashion Watch For Girls
    Smagacz:Did I really want to hear my oldest child speaking in the language of oppressors and occupiers? Part of my subconscious, part of my totally irrational self, was worried that by speaking the language she will somehow acquire a cold, cruel, sadistic, and merciless mindset of Master Race. I was worried that I will recoil and reject her. [...] I have Pavlovian reaction of fear and loathing when I hear German une.GectedlyxOMp, seriously? But can you understand that this irrational reaction upsets me? Also, I wonder how you react when you hear Hebrew. And what about Yiddish, which is very similar to German?