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  • Diesel DZ1206I Diesel Chi Watch For Men
    I had seen this watch at the retail store and had loved it (MRP 7,995/-). However, I had postponed the purchase. But when I saw it on Flipkart at an unbeatable price, I simply had to buy it. One of the best watches from Diesel, which goes well for all occasions and makes head turn. Makes a bold statement. Just superb! When Flipkart delivered it within a day, it was an icing on the cake. Kudos!
  • Diesel DZ1206I Diesel Chi Watch For Men
    Dont think twice before buying this item, elegant, contemporary...yet classy It comes at a very reasonable price.. compare it with the price in any diesel showroom, its much more feasible option.. Flipkart Rockssss!!!!!!!
  • Diesel DZ4180 Glitz Watch For Men
    Lookwise its an awesome watch but it doesn serve the purpose it is meant for!! to show the time! u cannot use it under even nominal light conditions to see the time!! A flaw in the design. Diesel should have put their design head on practicality too. Should have atleast put fluorescence on the numbers and also the arms. Not worth 10k for that reason.An incomplete product.
  • Diesel DZ4180 Glitz Watch For Men
    i just bought this watch from flip kart . first i got some hesitation after placing an order regarding the look and the inner view after reading the comments ,i thought being in black color looks little dark inside and not so viewable . But after i got the parcel i was much surprised of its premium black metallic finish . The metallic finish which is more shiny when exposed to sunlight and when not exposed to sunlight it gives a black mat finish look and its more than i expected from it , its gives a unique look in hands . yes of course it is darker inside but not a big deal when exposed to sunlight it is shiny and definitely it is so catchy in eyes. .Its suits well in both for larger and smaller hands .i am really satisfied with the product . Worth the price i bought it for 6999 as an offer price .. u can get an idea about this model . i suggest this video below on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH3PZpTDmAE