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  • Breo BTIRME3M Watch For Women
    l want breo btirme3m digital watch till 8th may its my hardly request
  • Breo BTIXL4S Watch For Unisex
    Hi, I have bought quite a few items in last 15 days from flipkart, but i was disappointed with the Breo Digital watch when i opened them they where not in good condition and the way it looks in the shopping cart they are not like that in reality. Rest other products which i bought where very good and i was impressed with them. But Breo digital watches where a big disappointment. If i had a choice i would love to return you back the two Breo digital Waches for women and buy a different watch even if i had to pay some extra amount.
  • Breo BTIXL4S Watch For Unisex
    first of all those are not exact woman is a unisex brand. yes some of the shape and color is only for woman but not all item and particular this item. i using this brand almost 1 and half years i can almost most of the watches showing for women that is not true. i do not know about the packing stuff but for teenage and athlete people it is really good and cheap brand.its on of the favorite teenage brand in uk.