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  • Adamo AD165 Designer Watch For Men
    Good product and Fast delivery. I received a good review from the person to whom i gifted this product. Keep up the good work seller.
  • ADAMO AD11SM03-D SHINE Watch For Women
    The legality may dieffr by state but it is legal in Washington State. I have cameras in all my offices and can log into the server anywhere, including my bberry if I need to. This issue should not be about the legality but about the trust and respect that you show your staff. The cameras are not there to spy on employees, and that is certainly not the reason for the law. They are there for employee security and to ensure all merchandise and individuals in or out of the location are safe at all times. The cameras are a loss prevention tool, not to spy on employees. Employees lose respect and commitment to a company when they feel they are not trusted. People never let you down and when you expect them to fail, they usually do. Unfortunately it looks like your boss will learn this the hard way because it sounds like you are not happy. Happy employees make productive employees.